Full Peeq Accessory Package - Case + Strap + Cloth
Full Peeq Accessory Package - Case + Strap + Cloth
Full Peeq Accessory Package - Case + Strap + Cloth

Full Peeq Accessory Package - Case + Strap + Cloth

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The full Peeq Accessory Package:

Case: Uniquely flat case will slip in your pocket. Ruggedly durable with a clip and zipper to safely guard your two-in-one reversible Peeq sunglasses. 

Strap: Custom floating neoprene strap thickened at the neck. Excellent utility for yachting and water sports. 

Cloth: Not an ordinary glasses cloth, this custom piece contains a copy of the Peeq US Patent showcasing the reversible technology innovated and invented by Peeq.

Peeq Frame Specifications

Frame Colors: Two Designs in One. Peeq Reversible Technology Allows You to Select Two Stunning Frame Colors. Carefully curated high-end luxurious colors custom made by Peeq unavailable anywhere on the market. 

Frame Durability: Unbreakable Nylon based. Unlike many other materials, Peeqs will not crack or snap. Many other brands utilize Acetate frame materials which are subject to shrinking hence requiring continuous re-screwing to maintain tightness.

Peeq Lens Specifications

Lens Clarity: Ultra Crisp & Clear. Highest Abbe Values. Compare Peeq lens clarity with anything available on the market. Don't settle for TAC or Polycarbonate sunglasses lenses which offer inferior clarity.

Lens Durability: Shatterproof Lenses. Similar materials utilized in astronaut helmet face shields and fighter jet windshields. Feel secure wearing your Peeqs anywhere. Don't settle for tempered glass used in many other glasses as it may shatter and is therefore not recommended for active use (sports, boating, even driving).

Lens Polarization: Crafted for Pilots, Yachters, and Drivers. Given Peeq's core focus on creating the ultimate sunglasses for activewear, we have avoided polarization (which is outlawed for pilots given it obscures digital insruments such as PFD Primary Flight Displays, Vertical Navigation VNAV, and even car GPS screens). Unless specifically noted, our top-tier lenses are non-polarized and Peeqs are therefore positively rated to pilots and racecar drivers.

Peeq Warranty & Durability

Warranty: All Peeqs are backed by the most comprehensive warranty anywhere on the market. If you break them, we will replace them.

Durability: Peeq utilizes the most luxurious & durable materials in the world, usually reserved for the most expensive glasses. Custom havana & tortoise colors not found elsewhere. Peeq engravings, patented hinge technology, and temple arm tips adjustable for active sporting usage. 

Never settle for single-sided sunglasses again.

Customer Reviews

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So much to love!

Love the Peeq package!

Maxi Osvaldo
Has everything you need

The package has everything you need.
The quality of the case, strap and cloth are all top notch.

Emberly Lorayne
Worth it!

Was debating between just the case or getting the full package, however the package is for sure the way to go. I use the strap almost every time I go swimming.

Kaeden Abram
Very Useful

Has everything you need. Super useful!

Best Sunglasses Accessory Package

This is the BEST accessory package for sunglasses I ever received!! So well thought out! Thank you