History of Sunglasses & History of Peeq

Although invented thousands of years ago, the sunglasses market is broken. Sunglasses are now the world's most popular accessory, protecting people's eyes everywhere. Currently more than a billion pairs of sunglasses are sold every year representing $15-Billion. Yet the market is dominated by a few companies who control 100 brands and 80% of the market. In part due to that reason, sunglasses have seen minimal innovation over the years.

Enter Peeq, the inventor of the world's first ever reversible sunglasses. Peeq has spent years researching and developing the first reversible sunglasses. Peeq has a group of engineers who have innovated the utility of having flippable sunglasses with totally different designs on each side. Peeq has patented its technology. When you buy a pair of Peeq glasses, you are truly getting two pairs in one.

Brief History of Sunglasses Followed by the History of Peeq

Sunglasses History

Evolution Of Sunglasses

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Peeq History

Inventor of Reversible Glasses - Peeq Patent

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Five Years of Research & Development

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Research & Development

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Commercializing ReverSible Glasses

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