Disrupting the Industry

Sunglasses Industry

The Sunglasses Industry is controlled by a few multi-national corporations which means high prices with little innovation. Often called a "Monopoly", the nature of the industry is technically an "Oligopoly".

Peeq is disrupting the sunglasses industry with its innovative reversible sunglasses.

Ray-Ban, Gucci, and Persols are One-Sided. Peeq Sunglasses are Two-Pairs-In-One.

The Sunglasses Industry is Known for High Prices and Low Innovation. Until Now.

Peeq is taking on the Sunglasses Monopoly

Innovative Disruptor Peeq is Taking On the Large Incumbents

Small Sunglasses Companies Being Acquired By Larger Players

Peeq is Innovating a Multi-Billion Dollar Inudstry