Lens Durability: Shatterproof and Bulletproof

Lens Durability: Shatterproof and Bulletproof

Lens Durability: Shatterproof and Bullettproof

Most consumers don't realize the importance of quality glasses and sunglasses lenses.

Polycarbonate lenses are famous for their use in bullettproof glass and astronaut windshield guards. For that reason, athletes have chosen to utilize polycarbonate, even though they are by far the least-clear, most blurry when it coems to clarity (Abbe Value).

Enter nylon lenses (trivex / polyamide), which are at least 30-40% more clear than polycarbonate lenses, and the closest material to clear-glass when it comes to clarity.

But most surprisingly, nylon lenses are shatterproof just like polycarbonate. In fact, according to Laramy-K Optical - Polycarboante and Trivex Lenses: A Shocking Comparison: "Trivex claims to be as strong or stronger than polycarbonate in impact resistance."

Furthermore, in various tests, nylon / trivex lenses have been found to offer superior durability over polycarbonate:


Tensile Strength Test

Nylon / Trivex Lens: 61.2

Polycarbonate Lens: 44.9


Drill Test

Nylon / Trivex: A

Polycarbonate Lens: A-


Bottom Line: Peeq sunglasses contain the ultimate combination of crystal-clear and ultra-durable quality. The perfect combination for active people who do not want to compromise on clarity.