Peeq Sunglasses: Perfect for Pilots

Peeq Sunglasses: Perfect for Pilots

Peeq Sunglasses: Perfect for Pilots

Pilots encounter some of the brightest environments and hence require top of the line sunglasses.

Most sunglasses make you choose between clear & shatter-able (tempered glass) vs unclear & durable (polycarbonate).

Peeq utilizes an ultra high-end polyamide type of nylon lens which is the ultimate combination of crystal clarity and shatter-proof durability. 

Pilots are not allowed to wear polarized lenses because they can obscure the digital instruments.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):

"Polarized lenses are not recommended for use in the aviation environment. While useful for blocking reflected light from horizontal surfaces such as water or snow, polarization can reduce or eliminate the visibility of instruments that incorporate antiglare filters. Polarized lenses may also interfere with visibility through an aircraft windscreen by enhancing striations in laminated materials and mask the sparkle of light that reflects off shiny surfaces such as another aircraft’s wing or windscreen, which can reduce the time a pilot has to react in a “see-and-avoid” traffic situation."

Peeq strives to manufacture glasses of the finest quality with the most durable materials, all the while providing the highest level of eye protection.

Bottom line: Peeqs are perfect for pilots.