Why experts are WRONG about the A/R glasses market for 2023

Why experts are WRONG about the A/R glasses market for 2023

Experts predict that the A/R or electronic glasses market will increase by over 13%. However, time and time again glasses manufactures believe that the adding an aspect of electronic technology to a pair of glasses will be highly beneficial to consumers. For example, adding a camera to a pair of glasses.

One of the first instances of this strategy failing was in 2013 with Google Glass glasses. These glasses were normal glasses but had a few added aspects of electronic technology such as a camera. Furthermore, before the glasses were released there was a lot of buzz and excitement allowing for bullish predictions on sales. However, with already having smartphones (and for some people smart watches) there was simply no reason to attach an electronic device to one’s face. This fact, combined with the fact that malfunctions were a frequent occurrence allowed for Google Glass to eventually be canceled as a project. Today the most notable project in this space is Meta and Ray ban’s “stories” sunglasses, which is essentially a regular pair of Ray Bans with a Camera and a microphone. The glasses were launched on September 9, 2021, and (similar to the Google Glass in 2013), while there was a lot of excitement, it was eventually met by lower than predicted sales results.

Unlike lazy the arguably lazy engineering procured by glasses giants, which pertains nonchalantly adding pieces of electronic technology to a pair of regular glasses. Peeq offers technology that is extremely useful and has never been done before. Which is offering a state of the art reversible feature, allowing for people to have 2 sunglasses in 1!

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