Why you should wear sunglasses all year round to protect your eyes

Why you should wear sunglasses all year round to protect your eyes

As mentioned in our previous blog, Ultraviolet rays are extremely dangerous to human eyes, and in fact they can cause irreversible negative effects (if you want to learn more about this check out the link below to our blog titled "The reason why you NEED sunglasses"). To combat the Ultraviolet effect, people wear sunglasses. However, while 80% of people wear sunglasses during the summer, only 33% still wear sunglasses in the winter. People believe that sunglasses do not need to be worn in the winter because  believe sun is less bright, it's more cloudy, or the days are simply shorter and hence they are less exposed Ultraviolet light.

However, regardless of the season, or of it is cloudy outside, the sun will always emit harmful Ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, in some cases such as the winter, the negative effects of ultraviolet light can increase by 80%. This occurs when the sun reflects on snow, and due to the white color, the snow simply reflects the light back into your eyes giving you up to 80% more exposure versus a non-snow day. 

The great thing about Peeq sunglasses is not only are they equipped with top of the line Ultraviolet blocking technology. Stylistically speaking, they can be changed from summer mode into winter mode with a simple flip. A perfect example is Peeq's Powder Blue and Royal Havana sunglasses. In the summer they can be equipped with a Powder Blue color, which is great for the summer. But for the darker winter months, they could easily be switched into a darker more mature Royal Havana color. See images below.








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