Peeq vs Pair Eyewear

Peeq vs Pair Eyewear

Are Peeq Sunglasses better than Pair Sunglasses?

That is a question that some consumers may have. 

For those who don't know, as shown in the picture, Pair sunglasses offer interchangeable magnetic frames, hence allowing for people to stick a new frame on top of the original magnetic frame.

This idea is interesting, however there are a few glaring issues that Peeq Sunglasses solve when compared to pair sunglasses. 

1. If one wants to switch the colors of their Pair sunglasses, they are forced to carry around an interchangeable magnetic piece. However with Peeq's advanced patented technology, if one wants to switch colors they can do so with a simple flip of the frame, hence not needing to carry around any external equipment. 

2. Pair sunglasses are not fully "color switching" as they only allow for the front of the frame to switch colors. Meaning that around 50% of the frame stays the exact same color. On the other hand, Peeq offers FULL color switching by way of the reversible technology meaning that the whole frame switches colors.