Innovations in the eyewear industry

Innovations in the eyewear industry

When looking at the eyewear industry, it is clear that there is little innovation, especially when compared to other industries. In this blog, we will take a look at the different innovations over the years:

Early 13th century: At this point, glasses were simply two magnifying glasses held together with no way of them staying put, hence people were forced to hold their glasses, as shown in the picture above.  

1730: Finally, the temple was created, which is rod that connects the lenses with one's ears and makes sure that the glasses stay put. This is just one example of the little innovation in the glasses industry, as it took over 400 years for this invention to come about. 

1760: Bifocals were invented, allowing people to see both close and distant objects. 

1929: The first sunglasses were invented.

Today: As shown, since the early 13th century glasses have not changed much, and more specifically sunglasses have not changed AT ALL. Hence, that is why at Peeq we believe that we are revolutionizing the sunglasses monopoly as we are the first company to change the way sunglasses work. The change is the fact that we are the only company to offer working reversible sunglasses! 

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