4 Factors to consider when buying sunglasses

4 Factors to consider when buying sunglasses

Similar to any purchase, there are a few main factors that one should consider whilst buying sunglasses.

1. UV Protection: First and foremost, the most important factor when considering to buy sunglasses is making sure that your sunglasses have UV protection. At the end of the day sunglasses should not only be worn for style, but also for protection of the eyes. This is why Peeq sunglasses offer top of the line UV protection.

2. Sunglasses Size: The bigger the sunglasses, the more protected you are from UV rays. That's why Peeq sunglasses are large enough to cover all areas of one's eyes, whilst also being stylish!

3. Quality of lenses: While sunglasses may have UV protecting lenses, this does not necessarily mean that the lenses are high quality. Hence, Peeq lenses not only offer top of the line UV protection, but also top quality lenses!

4. Style: Sunglasses are seen as a fashion statement, hence if you are buying sunglasses it's best to insure that they look fashionable. Hence, at Peeq we offer the two most popular styles, Aviators and Cateyes, insuring you have the most stylish pair of sunglasses!


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